You will have full login access to our preferred deals and discounts from our online catalogue. When approved you will receive your log information. Depending on our research you will qualify for one of our 3 tiers Dealer Pricing. Once you get the approval email from us you will be advised which discount applies to you.

You may receive up to a 20% discount.




1.) Apply and fill out the form.

2.) Receive a confirmation email stating that we have received your request.

3.) FPC Will review your request and contact you via phone within 48 business hours for a formal Interview. This is done so we can get more of a feeling on what your intentions are and how we can grow together.

4.) Once approved or denied we will be informing you via email within 48 business hours of the initial phone call. This whole process will not take longer than 5 business days.

5.) Once Approved we will send via email your special login credentials that will include your special Dealer Pricing. With this information you will be able to log into our website and you will no longer see the general public pricing. You will only see your prices. This way you will be able to make purchases any time any were with your exclusive prices.

6.) You will receive via email. Your “Authorized Dealer Certificate” The purpose of this is having a formal compliance certificate from FPC security and this will give you any type of protection needed for any project that you are working on.

7.) Once approved you will receive another phone call from us to discuss what your first order will look like.

8.) You will then be put on a special list which will allow you to be the first ones to receive special deals and new products that have been launched or coming soon

9.) Receive Your Order

10.) Receive a training via phone on the products that you purchased.




We guarantee the best price and best quality systems in the market .Extensive product training: you can have access to our PDF’s Datasheets, PDF’S Manuals, PDF’s Diagrams and our Professional Training Videos.

FREE Shipping on with in The USA Including Puerto Rico Alaska and Hawaii. Same day shipping on orders placed before 3:00 PM EST on a week day. We guarantee that you will receive your product within 3 to 5 business days from the day that you place your order. Depending on the product(s) you order, we ship out via USPS (Unites States Postal Service) or UPS.

Project management: our new project management support for our dealers, will help them with the planning/design to specific contractor services.

Preferred inventory. What you need is what we have enough stock for.




Hassel Free 30-day return policy, no questions. The product that you ordered probably was not what you thought, you were not able to install it ETC… No matter the reason we will accept your return as long as the returned order is in its original Packaging and original state. Within 48 Business hours you will receive a full refund on the method of payment that you originally choose to pay for your order. We are not your ordinary company that gives you only 7 days to return your product(s), we give you 30 DAYS, and we are darn proud of it!

Please keep in mind that all customers are Responsible to first Call or Fill out our RMA form and get a formal authorization from our company before you send the product(s) back to us. If the Product(s) are sent without this authorization your order will be sent back to you. Just to show how flexible we are, at the moment you are given the authorization you will receive a prepaid label that will allow you to send the order back to us for free. No Shipping cost for you.




Every FPC Security Product(s) is thoroughly inspected before the factory and distribution centers. Within the brands Vsionis and Vesco, we issue a 3-year warranty and the brand Seco-Larm we issue a 1 year Warranty. The products can be guaranteed to be free of defect, in both workmanship and material. The warranty takes effect from the day of purchase. In order to submit your product for warranty, you must provide the original order number and serial Number of the products in question. If this is not provided, the warranty will not be able to be granted.

This warranty does not apply when:

  • Repairs have been made or attempted by others
  • Repairs or modifications because, of Normal Wear and Tear. (Normal wear and tear are not covered under any circumstances by the warranty)
  • The product(s) has/have been abused, misused or improperly maintained.
  • Burnt out circuitry due, to improper power connections.
  • Alterations that have been made to the product(s).
  • Non- Approved or non-recommended parts or accessories that are fitted to the product(s).
  • A partnership with a USA based Company located in Miami, Florida. We are proud to be an American company and have over 20 years.