This is my experience with FPC as a dealer. I was looking to grow and work with top companies in the industry, that’s the reason why it was easy for me to go after the FPC dealership.

I have been pleased with FPC; these guys are what I was looking for. Their primary goal was to have success working together with us, the dealers. I know FPC is at the top of the industry with the security products they offer us. I’ve seen a dedicated support team to get a dealer moving in the right direction. In the long-term, they are the best company to do business with.




At the time that we started with FPC, we had other generic products as our main security line.

We began to know FPC products very well, especially because of the support and training we received once we started to work with them. We have been impressed with FPC and their proactive approach for access control, home alarm systems, and wireless door entry systems. But the best part is their marketing and listening to the consumer to develop and provide products that the consumer WANTS. Many other manufacturers want to stand at the same old mentality with no active development or effort on new products. Our company is very competitive, we don’t take every day to be just number two and we always start our day trying to be the leaders in our market. And we believe FPC shares the same mentality with us.

FPC has been a tremendous company to work with. We are pleased and very motivated to keep going with FPC to become the leaders of the market!




Our business has been working with the security products of FPC from the very first days of its evolution. It is now one of the leading safety and property protection systems companies in the U.S.

The FPC Team is highly trained and professional, and they have provided amazon security equipment in our projects in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. They have an excellent support service that provides timely and efficient service that is appropriate when needed.

We wanted to thank FPC for being such a great company with us and help us with our client’s alarm systems. We recommend FPC to others that want to have their own security systems because if you go directly through FPC, you’ll be guaranteed to get the best deals for your clients.




FPC has been an excellent brand for our company. There are a lot of aspects we find valuable from this dealership.

– Genuine dealership (excitement to work with the dealer for best possible outcome for all parties)

– Commitment to innovative products (FPC always comes with game changing security products)

– Collaborate with security professionals. (Great industry knowledge, ability to train, effectiveness with sales staff, concern with dealer’s growth, etc.)

The memorable most determined experience we have had to date with FPC was:

We were helping some clients with their move to Miami. They contacted different suppliers with steep rates for a new alarm system and the appointment for the services to be installed was one week later. We looked for help on google and found FPC, and they gave us the appointment for the next day. The product arrived on time, the technician came and started to work and even helped us with the thousands of questions from our clients. That day we decided to become dealers at FPC. Truly an unforgettable experience.